More Awards For Me And You! Thank You!

I am extremely (what’s more extreme than extremely?) excited and appreciative that I have been nominated for 3 more blog awards.  I have been a bit slow on the uptake doing what it is I was supposed to do in terms of paying them forward because initially I was unaware I needed to pay them forward (very new to this!) and because I then had internet malfunctions/misunderstandings.

Without further ado, please click on the links and enjoy the blogs I follow and enjoy those who have nominated me.

Create It Yourself ( ) nominated me for the Lovely Blog Award.

And my friends Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo, Buddy and their mummy at Hutch A Good Life ( ) kindly nominated me for the Versatile Blogger and Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers awards!

(rules – )

Amazing!  I can’t express how happy it makes me to receive nominations like these when I am just starting out blogging.  Not only have I gotten far more subscribers that I expected in such a short period, but my readers have fabulous blogs I like to read, and I’m honoured that I’m thought of when award nominations are going out.

All these awards ask that I follow the same rules and guidelines:

  • Post a link back to my wonderful and kind nominators and thank them.
  • Reveal seven things about myself you won’t already know.  GOSH!
  • Pay forward the nominations and notify everyone I’ve nominated as soon as I can!
  • (The rules link between the photos above will give you more info if you need it).
  • The “getting” or nominating of these awards is the award in itself, so a nomination is in fact a win!  So if I have nominated you below, congratulations you have won!
  • As far as I can tell from the Googles and seeing others’ posts these are only WordPress awards which is great for the fantastic WP blogs but a shame because I follow many excellent blogs outside WP.

Seven Things You May Not Know About Me

  1. I drive an old 4×4 because nothing makes me feel more free and happy than road tripping.  It’s the only time I enjoy driving as well.
  2. I am a daddy’s girl, even at 33 and I always be.
  3. My favourite band is Blur, and my favourite music genre is 90s Brit Pop, but I have ecclectic music taste and love everything  – even a bit of death metal!
  4. I am interested in Theta Healing and will be doing my first course in July 2012 to become a qualified practitioner.  I am not a ‘witchy woo woo’ kinda gal though, I just see it works, constantly.
  5. I am very sensitive to stimulus that is negative – so I listen to the AM golden oldies radio station because I get anxious and irritated listening to pop station, I rarely watch TV and too many documentaries on things that are awful in this world depress me and I don’t know what to do with the big feelings of sorrow and hopelessness.
  6. I am a remedial massage therapist.  My hands are so strong I’m sure I’d win against anyone in a thumb wrestle :D
  7. I could eat pasta and pavlova every single day and NEVER get sick of it.  Ever.  I love them so much I just wanna hug them.  Then eat them.

The Versatile Blogger Award (15 Nominations)

Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award (5 Nominations)

The Lovely Blog Award (15 Nominations)

Congratulations again to the wonderful bloggers I’ve chosen, you genuinely bring me happiness with each of your posts xxx

20 thoughts on “More Awards For Me And You! Thank You!

  1. Eeeeeeep many many manyyyyyy furry thank yous!! :D so flattered you thought of us little fluffies for this award :)) will remain a big fan of your blog of course, lots of squeezes and huggles for pirate and squirrel too (if they are off of the nasty step yet;)) xxx

    • wooooah weird you commented on here as I commented on your blog to let you know you were nominated! lol.
      Pirate is out and eating dinner because Squirrel was a *expletive* and got aggressive when the food was put in the cage. So Pirate gets dessert and freedom and Squirrel gets my CRANKINESS FOR LONGER!
      You deserve the awards you are so passionate about your blog and your hamsters, you love your rodents like I love mine. Sistas gotta stick together :)

      • Haha now who looks like the stalker ;)) *blushes* hehe awwww naughty squirrel. You gotta be tough otherwise he’ll think it’s okay! Like when dex wees on me, gets plonked back in his cage and is ignored for a few hours. :D why thankyouu, we certainly do!! :D also reading your 7 facts – that healing course thing your doing – I’m fascinated as I’ve never heard of it before (hint hint post about it coz I’m curious ;p hehehe) x

        • Pirate learns but Squirrel never does. We often joke that if anyone could be a kamikaze pilot it would be him, he is single minded, damn the consequences nobody stops him from doing what he wants even if he dies doing it!
          Yes, I am hesitant to post on that because to explain it makes me sound like a mad woman or ‘one of those weirdo spiritual people’ which I am but not in the stigmatised way haha.
          The course is late July, perhaps I will start a theta blog! :D
          Stay tuned I might surprise ya

    • We could form a mutual admiration club for bloggers!
      Nominating you for them all was absolutely a no-brainer, I like it when you post everyday! Keep up your posting so I can remain happy lol!
      It took me a good 5 hours to get my post together so…may yours be done in much much less time! xx

  2. Wow, so soon! Thanks! Now I get to troll WP for a while to find some blogs to nominate…. bummer, I hate trolling blogs, finding new and interesting things to read and people to follow And away!!!

    • I know right I don’t want to be so slow you get awards all the time and then they become ho-hum and you’re like ‘thanks but my shelf is full’.
      I hope you can find the time and determination to troll the blogosphere it sure can get tedious. I hope you find SOME interesting blogs, may I suggest doing it drunk so that it’s easier to be please with what you’re reading?
      Congrats again I truly love your blog, and my orange cleaning power jar of grime busting goodness is becoming an interesting colour this morning! I can’t wait to smash my kitchen surfaces with lovely valencia cleaner!

  3. Thank you so much for the nomination! I’m truly thrilled. I even nominated you back :) I think you and your blog are fantastic!

    • woohoo double whammy! Thank you!
      If you hadn’t followed me it may have taken me a looong time to find you, so thank YOU for being so generous as to follow my blog so I could find your fabulous blog and it’s excellent content xx

  4. Thanks for the nominations! It looks like a great list of blogs to explore, too; plenty of new-to-me links. Now I have to think about new info to post about myself.

    • My absolute pleasure your blog is really fantastic :)
      I nominated only blogs I follow and I really love them all for different reasons – good luck inwardly reflecting! lol xx

    • Play on words I love it! And congrats to you also, you all deserve the return nominations for working so well collectively to entertain me daily with your blog!

  5. Thank you dear one, you are awesome! And this post is huge! What a lot of care and attention (work!) that you put into it. I am excited like a kid in a candy store (pardon the expression – I don’t even eat candy) to visit all your friends in all these sites. Many new places to visit along with a few I already enjoy. And that you’ve included me and my blog means the world to me. Hugs, Gina

    • Yes that post alone was 5 hours in the making! I love love love blogging though and I have the time :)
      You are so welcome, your blog really deserves the recognition, I love it :)
      Like I said in the post as well, I follow some amazing non-wordpress blogs, maybe that’s for a future post :)

      • 5 hours! I sure get that. On my other blog I do have an Awards page with some of my opinions on awards and am still figuring how to fully and appropriately thank you. I’m still pretty new to blogging about living green and haven’t met many people yet… I do want to create a special blogroll for rock stars like you so watch for a link to yours from mine soon! Also I just have to share something in response to your #1 is an article I wrote all about my love for my old 3/4 ton 4×4. Not to be pushy, just to make it easy here’s the link to it: Oh and #5 is me too. I can barely watch the news and get most updates on really important things through friends and family. I just get totally demotivated. Immobilized really. Optimists like us have to look at things that ARE working! Here’s to optimism. And you :D

        • Fantastic I’m excited to go through the link thank you :)
          Wow I will be chuffed to see a link back to my site!

          News is the worst. An old Aussie band called the Skyhooks wrote a song in the 70s called Horror Movie (Right There On My TV) and it was about the afternoon news. We clearly both agree.
          If you get motivated you could find the clip on YouTube I’m sure. Brace yourself, they were crazy glam rockers dude!

    • I know you can be overwhelmed like I was! Passin it on. So kind. haha.
      I’ve been tempted to hug my pavs, especially the first one I ever made last week! It was amazing! Didn’t last long…

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